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CultureShock! Mauritius

CultureShock! Mauritius

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Tags: Travel  General  Social sciences  Customs traditions  Asia  Africa  Mauritius 
4.2/5 (Stemmer: 1525)
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DEC 08
CultureShock! Mauritius contains all the information you will need to assimilate into life on this island where the dodo once roamed free. Mauritius has often been called a paradise on earth because of its picture-postcard beaches and idyllic resorts; but that image is just one facet of this small nation with a multi-racial heritage. In this book, you will discover more about the different ethnic groups that live side-by-side and the local customs such as what to do when invited to an Indian, a Muslim, a Creole or a Chinese wedding. Learn more about the local Creole language, the traditional dance know as séga, the difference between a bazar and boutique as well as what to do at a tea hotel. Let CultureShock! Mauritius introduce you to the wonderful people of Mauritius and guide you through the ins and outs of the country so that you get the most out of your stay here

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