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Play Fair Golf: a critical look at the game and the rules which govern it

Play Fair Golf: a critical look at the game and the rules which govern it

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This book is about the game of golf. It contains a critical view of the game and the rules which define it.
It is a candid view of the game of golf with the relentless goal of achieving a better game. Given enough grass roots support for change, maybe some of the problem areas discussed can be remedied. It is the hope of the author to accomplish this by raising the issues found inside this book.

(1) The rules of golf are examined, not merely enumerated, and questioned as to how they are applied. The author will examine famous incidents involving the rules and how they affected many famous golfers and the tournaments they played in. Remedies are suggested for inadequate or unnecessary rules. A look at the principles behind the rules is presented and whether or not they are applied appropriately. Questions arise concerning the use of media and technical equipment to cite infractions and call penalties after the fact.
The full extent of the United States Golf Association and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland are seen in defining the game and applying rules of play; creating handicaps and providing their calculations; specifying equipment acceptability including balls and clubs; differentiating among the various types of golf games beginning with stroke and match play; plus etiquette on the course.
The need for a separate set of rules for recreational golf is established. The reasons for creating another set of rules includes: many of the USGA rules are strictly for formal competition, not friendly recreation; most golfers simply do not know the USGA rules; even professionals have difficulty abiding by the 200 pages of the USGA Rules of Golf and the 700 pages of Rulings on the Rules of Golf; the USGA even describes the amateur game as self-regulating; thus there is a definite need for a simplified set of rules for ordinary golfers.
A complete set of Recreational Rules is included in the final chapter, as well. This so that you and others can begin playing with a much simpler, greatly reduced, and easier to understand set of rules.
Much more is provided as well. There is a look into the game as it is today. Older courses are compared to newer ones. Changes in equipment that have occurred over the years, including balls and clubs. Etiquette on the course is discussed at length.
There is an enlightening chapter on the many games of golf. Beginning with match play then stroke play, many variations are discussed, some of which are defined in the USGA Rules, and others which have evolved on their own. There is even a discussion on betting and the many ways that side bets can enrich a round among friends.

Ever wonder exactly how a handicap is calculated, or better yet, how it is used in different kinds of matches. The reader will be taken through the process of calculating the handicap index. The use of the index is then demonstrated based upon the course where the match will be played, and which tee boxes will be used.

The book includes a rarely discussed subject: the principles behind the rules of golf. Two publications of the USGA are examined and critiqued concerning the principles they advocate. Are these principles applied in the rules? Can some of the rules be changed, yet leave the principles behind them intact?

So experience the unique perspective this book provides of the wonderful game so many enjoy. It is intended to make you think about the rules, and not merely accept them, nor ignore them. And give the new RecRules a try.

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